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High-performance locomotives, new vehicle concepts, and comprehensive maintenance services

Stadler Rail Valencia's mission is to become the foremost supplier of rolling stock in Spain and other selected markets. As a member of the Stadler Rail AG it shares in this group's leading rail industry role by pursuing a quality-driven strategy aimed at offering innovative and competitive products, that address the technical, social and environmental expectations and requirements of the 21st century.
Research & Development
Stadler Rail Valencia employs more than 150 researchers, engineers and technicians who have at their disposal the most advanced IT equipment with applications that cover all aspects of computer-assisted design, engineering and manufacturing, FEM computations and dynamic simulations as well as testing, vibration- and noise-monitoring software.
We are well aware that R&D work can no longer be the fruit of individual efforts and this is why the Company has signed collaboration agreements with universities and research centers, with the aim of preparing new designs and solutions based on the latest technologies, as well as improving the day-to-day properties of existing products.

The Stadler Rail Valencia Engineering Center has a commitment to innovation. State-of-the art technology and optimum quality are the characteristics of the whole range of products developed and produced in the Valencia plant. Leader in the Spanish market and exporting to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Israel, Algeria, Egypt, Brazil, Yugoslavia and to other countries, Stadler Rail Valencia designs and produces a wide range of locomotives and passenger vehicles.

Quality control
The Quality department has three main areas: Quality Engineering, Supplier Quality, and Manufacturing Quality.

Quality Engineering is responsible for documentation, drawing up the quality and control plans for projects, all of the details required by the ISO 9001 certificate, the calibration and metrology laboratory, internal and process audits.

Supplier Quality ensures that the materials provided by suppliers comply with contractual stipulations in their qualitative aspects, it inspects raw materials, manages and monitors subcontractor performance with the aid of quality indicators that allow deliveries to be tracked to their suppliers.

Manufacturing Quality is responsible for inspecting the products manufactured in our factories in the different phases of production.

The Quality Department has the equipment and personnel to carry out all the nondestructive tests (radiology, ultrasonic, magnetic particles and diepenetrants), a 200-channel extensiometry apparatus for tests on vehicle bodies or bogie chassis, as well as all the conventional metrological resources for checking dimensions, paint quality, noise levels, etc.

Further information
IRIS Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate

ERP management system
As a Production Center, Stadler Rail Valencia has an ERP management system for planning its resources. Applied in an SAP R/3 environment, it integrates the plant's departments and functions by responding to the specific needs for each workstation. The center has a space of 200,000 m2.

Locomotive and passenger car shops
These comprise three adjacent buildings for building the chassis, assembling and welding of body shells. The shops are equipped with tooling adaptable to the various vehicle sizes. The finishing shop is set out in a linear flow and has an annual production capacity of 150 vehicles. All of the stations are equipped with state-of-the-art tooling to perform to the highest level of quality the operations assigned to them. Electrical installation work, cabling and assembly are also carried out here.

Testing shop
The assembly shops are connected to the painting and static testing facilities which have pits and tracks for the three gauges used in Spain: 1,000; 1,435; and 1,688 mm (metric, UIC and RENFE/Iberian), and with overhead power lines for voltages of 750 DC; 1,500 DC; 3,000 DC; and 25,000 AC.

Test track
The facilities have tracks extending three km for voltages of 750 DC; 1,500 DC; 3,000 DC; and 25,000 AC: gauges are metric, UIC and Iberian. The tracks are suitable for performing a significant part of the dynamic tests on diesel and electric units prior to entry into commercial service. The tracks link up with the Spanish network in Massalfassar, permitting direct exit from the factory to the mainline railway network and hence onward to the Sagunto and Valencia seaports.

Welders' training school
This provides training in all manual and semiautomatic MIG and MAG welding techniques; it has 12 welding cabins and rooms for classroom/theoretical training. The welding school is among the foremost training facilities in the autonomous region of Valencia.