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The latest press releases and news

Date Press Release
01/07/2016 Stadler Rail takes over Vossloh España
07/27/2015 Vossloh España received orders for eight EUROLIGHT locomotives for the UK and Italy
07/22/2015 More Citylink hybrid vehicles destined for Chemnitz
06/26/2015 New Vossloh LRVs for Karlsruhe are approved for railway operation
04/29/2015 VBK and AVG order 25 light rail vehicles from Vossloh Kiepe and Vossloh Rail Vehicles
01/29/2015 Vossloh España sells twelve EURO 4000 locomotives to operate in France
09/11/2014 Vossloh España receives another order for ten UKLIGHT locomotives
04/14/2014 EURO 4000 of Vossloh España successfully hauls the longest train in Europe
01/27/2014 Vossloh is awarded a contract in Austria
11/19/2013 Vossloh España will deliver two EURO 4000 locomotives to ETF
10/10/2013 Vossloh gains large order in South Africa
09/13/2013 Vossloh España will deliver 10 Dual Mode Locomotives to DRS
06/19/2013 Vossloh España will supply seven Tram-Trains to the United Kingdom
12/13/2012 Vossloh España wins a contract to supply 22 tramways to Brazil worth 90 Mio.€
08/16/2012 Vossloh to supply 8 Train Trams to German city of Chemnitz
01/19/2012 Vossloh España receives first order of 15 EUROLIGHT
01/12/2012 Vossloh España has closed another deal of the successful EURO4000 locomotive
11/11/2011 Vossloh will supply 31 vehicles for the new Wuppertal suspension monorail
10/26/2011 The Operators VBK and AVG of the city of Karlsruhe buy 25 TRAM-TRAINS with an option for 50 further vehicles from Vossloh
07/19/2011 Vossloh to supply 13 tramways to the german operator RSAG Rostock
04/26/2011 Europorte orders twelve EURO4000 locomotives from Vossloh España
09/17/2010 Feve awards Vossloh with the contract to build the train-tram for the metric track network
04/27/2010 The agreement between Vossloh and FGV opens up new business opportunities both in Spain and abroad
07/03/2009 Vossloh España awarded by Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca a contract for six Train-Trams on the Manacor–Artá line
06/03/2009 The SNCF and Alstom receive the 100th locomotive in Vossloh España's factory
05/15/2009 The European Commisioner for Transport visits the factory of Vossloh in Albuixech
03/12/2009 Vossloh wins Metro Valencia train contract worth €128 million
03/10/2009 Vossloh sells locomotives in Norway
11/29/2007 Vossloh España has been awarded the runner-up prize of the international Swedish Steel Prize
10/15/2007 EURO 4000 takes another successful step in the European market
12/14/2006 Vossloh teaming up with Spanish rail company
10/25/2006 Another megacontract for Vossloh España
09/20/2006 Vossloh and Angel Trains announce the order of eighteen Euro 4000 diesel-electric locomotives
08/14/2006 Vossloh obtains a new order of 20 Metro untis of its series 4.300