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Europorte orders twelve EURO 4000 locomotives from Vossloh España

As a result of its international trade strategy Vossloh España has closed a deal with the operator Europorte which will result in an order for twelve EURO 4000 locomotives that will be used to transport goods by freight. The order has been placed with Eurosco, a subsidiary of Europorte responsible for the management of rolling stock.

Europorte, which is the rail freight subsidiary of Groupe Eurotunnel, will receive delivery in May of the first two EURO 4000, designed and assembled in the Vossloh España plant in Albuixech (Valencia). The ten remaining locomotives will be delivered during the second half of 2012. Thanks to this investment Europorte will be able to rationalise its fleet, improve its productivity and reliability, and reduce its maintenance costs.

The EURO 4000 by Vossloh España is the most powerful diesel-electric locomotive manufactured in Europe. It is a highly innovative device that stands out due to its versatility, features, performance, technology and environmental compliance. It is specially designed to be able to run not only in France, but also in Belgium and Germany.

Equipped with an EMD (Electro-Motive Diesel) engine, considered to be the best engine for locomotives in the world, the EURO 4000 can pull longer and heavier freight trains at a faster speed than its competitors, which substantially increases the operator's competitiveness and efficiency.

Europorte offers a wide range of integrated rail freight services (traction for rail freight trains in France, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom); local rail services, management of infrastructure and rail hubs. Europorte, with its 900 employees, ensures 95% train punctuality and reliability; Europorte builds a true European offer.

Valencia, 26 April 2011

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