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More Citylink hybrid vehicles destined for Chemnitz

VMS orders 4 tram-trains from Vossloh Kiepe and Vossloh Rail Vehicles
Within the scope of an option, German public operator Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen has ordered 4 additional hybrid train-trams of the type “Citylink” to serve in the city of Chemnitz and its surrounding area from the consortium Vossloh Rail Vehicles – Vossloh Kiepe.

The original contract on the supply of 8 new low-floor vehicles was concluded in 2012 and the first vehicles will be delivered shortly for use in the “Chemnitzer Modell” project that will connect the tram in Chemnitz with the commuter rail network without passengers having to change trains thanks to the train-trams designed and developed by Vossloh. The four additional units will be used in the second phase of the project.

This Citylink train-tram is a barrier-free, low-floor light rail vehicle, which have been tailor-made for the Chemnitz infrastructure and the regional lines on which they will operate. It is equipped with doors, at different levels, with a ramp system that allows access from different platform heights. The Citylink hybrid vehicles are dual mode, able to operate on 600V/750V DC overhead voltage and on diesel power. On the city’s tramway network they are powered solely from the overhead power lines, while on the railway network they are diesel powered. The vehicles have two environmental-friendly diesel power-packs fitted on the roof.

Besides, the vehicle fulfills the high collision requirements for regional rail vehicles and is fitted with WC and luggage racks. The extremely lightweight optimized structure responds to the high structural requirements without reducing safety or penalizes weight. The driver's cab is designed to allow great visibility. The conventional bogies with wheelset axles, developed and manufactured by Vossloh Rail Vehicles, have a secondary air suspension system for improved passenger comfort.

The Citylinks have reliable and innovative electric technology in the Vossloh Kiepe traction kit. The drive system is equipped with four IGBT direct pulse inverters. The total motor power of 550 kW installed on two drive bogies provides good acceleration and service brake delay values. Vossloh Kiepe supplies the entire drive technology and vehicle control system, on-board power, HVAC equipment for passenger and driver compartments, safety and passenger information systems, as well as the video monitoring system.

Meanwhile, Vossloh Rail Vehicles has designed these vehicles, produces the bogies, carbodyshells and performs the final assembly of the vehicles at its plant in Albuixech (Valencia).

Vossloh consolidates its leadership in the segment of the train-trams with the last orders of Karlsruhe and Chemnitz.

Albuixech (Valencia), 22nd July 2015

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